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Usually when we think of a beauty mask there are those of us who are seduced by every conceivable mask that they can get their hands on.Then there are those who purchase one because their beauty therapist or friends recommend it and after an enthusiastic brave start rapidly just sort of get over it and there it remains in a cupboard  hoping that  it will get another chance to shine.


Masks can have many functions from deep cleansing to stimulating a healthy micro circulation ,calming and treating acneic conditions or other dermatological issues. They also provide an anti ageing effect and that ever much needed healthy glam and glow . Nothing beats fabulous.


Let's not forget the psychological aspects of face masks .You may smile and   produce an ironic eyebrow lift but masks have an emotional quality, providing a sense of serene wellbeing . It is a “timeout “a ten to fifteen minute ‘chill’.

What are the options make it part of a personal SPA time you know bath, fragrant bubbles, candles or if you are always on the go, do what I do wake up cleanse your face, apply the mask and sit with your favourite coffee or tea for ten minutes before showering. This works well with all the Dr Baumann Masks . The liposome mask must be applied in a different way because it must not be removed.


 Simply explained, the ingredients that face masks are composed of are kept longer in contact with your skin because of the occlusion phenomenon. This however is not relevant to the liposomes masks of Dr Bauman, BeauCaire or SkinIdent. They function in a completely different way. (They are absorbed directly into all the layers of the skin).

Aloe Vera Mask

The valuable ingredients in this gel-based mask calm and soothe stressed, irritated, reddened or impure skin. It also has cooling, calming properties. The medicinal herbs such as chamomile, summer savoury and lavender make this mask ideal for use after excessive sun exposure or for a reddened irritated skin.

Cream Mask for normal, dry and very dry skin

Ideal when the skin needs not only moisture and active substances, but also when the upper layers do not produce  or retain enough oil. The mild kaolin in this mask has a cleansing and deep cleansing and calming effect. Active substances such as jojoba oil, and basil nourish, soothe and hydrate  the skin.

(Apply 1-2 times per week for 10-15 mins)

Cream Mask for oily and impure skin

Valuable ingredients such as kaolin (“healing earth”), kieselgur (diatomite), jojoba oil, shea butter, sesame and chamomile oil give this mask its powerful ,soothing and deep cleansing effect. It removes excess sebum and dead skin cells and has oil-absorbing  properties. The skin feels and looks  much smoother, purer and significantly less oily.

(Apply 1-3 times per week for 10-15 mins)

Liposome Mask

(Multi-Layered liposomes to treat the entire epidermis)

Regular application provides the skin with skin-related lipids and valuable active substances such as Aloe Vera, Macadamia Nut oil, Vitamin A, natural Vitamin E etc. The result of a regular application is a visibly purer skin.The skin’s moisture content is strongly enhanced, which works effectively against fine lines and wrinkles .Your skin will appear fresher, smoother, revitalised and radiant.It will also regain tone and firmness, (it must not be removed) Can be used every night as a sleep in mask or 2-3 times a week . It must not be removed.

So in order to have that ‘mini break’ to collect your thoughts, rebalance, calm yourself, feel refreshed and fabulous, just apply your mask of choice.

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