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A New Category Of Skin Care Emerged!

Having analyzed products that already existed in the market it was abundantly clear that the Dr Baumann skincare was not equatable with any other products. The other products tended to have similar approaches and content with no demonstrable differences whereas the divides between Dr Baumann Cosmetics and all other products were enormous.


The Differentiation Points

The objective above all was to produce safe skincare in other words  to avoid harm to the skin. One that respected dermatological, health and safety Issues putting the criterion of tolerance and effectiveness at the centre of product development.

Every ingredient that was harmful to the skin or even questionable was avoided and only those Ingredients that were skin compatible or skin identical were used. New high uncontested standards were set for the beauty industry and a new commitment was made to families everywhere, commitment to ethical skin care.


This new Bionome standard (based on the Science of the Laws of life and Homeostasis) required products to conform to strict ingredient specifications, namely to be: free of chemical sunscreens, chemical preservatives, mineral oils, and oxygen, colorants, fragrance and animal derivatives. Only substances similar to or identical to those found naturally in our bodies and skin were used to create the Dr Baumann Products. The advantages of skin identical or skin 

Treating The Skin From Within

The term Homeostasis applies in this case meaning the need to constantly rebalance the skin externally and within the entire epidermis in order to achieve the best possible results for every skins needs.This requires the ingredients in the products to match the content of the skin at every level and have the ability to be transported throughout the skin reaching the basal layer where they can influence the activities and production of new cells.

The Magic Of Multilayer Liposome's

Liposome's and nanosomes are two ingredients capable of treating all layers of the skin including the Dermis. They resemble the Phospholipids that constitute the cell membranes and 59 % of the inner content of the cells They transport valuable vitamins, fatty acids and moisture wherever it is needed in the skin DR BAUMANN developed Multilayer Liposome's using up to 12 layers thus ensuring that essential valuable ingredients can treat the skin at all levels with guaranteed results within 3-5 weeks. (As they are also capable of transporting everything into the skin including, chemicals, colorants, fragrance and perfumes, it is essential to avoid any irritation to the skin by only using skin friendly DR BAUMANN products in your daily treatment routine. The irritation caused by non Bionome ingredients can lead to skin allergies.

Unchallenged - Skinldent

In 2003 following 15 years of research, the Dr Baumann Company achieved incontestable leadership in the cosmetic field with the development of the SkinIdent range and exactly as its name suggests all the products are perfect copies of the structure and content of the skin at every level.

Skinldent is still the only completely skin Identical product range In the world.

This" piece de resistance "remains unchallenged throughout every highly competitive market. There is simply nothing like it anywhere. Thanks to the Dr Baumann Company founders Dr Ernst Henrich and Dr Thomas Baumann the bar has been raised on what constitutes safe healthy products forever.


With an enduring love and respect for nature the decision was taken to avoid any use of paper packaging for the products. Packaging does not make the product more effective or more tolerated by the skin. This is the company's ongoing commitment to the preservation of forests and the protection of the environment. Indeed all the money saved on the packaging was invested in quality ingredients. The higher percentage of active ingredients used in every product guarantee a visible difference in the skin in just 3-5 weeks!

Healthy Body, Healthy Beautiful Skin

Healthy nutrition is essential for a beautiful youthful looking skin. For those busy lives and rushed meals DR BAUMANN recommends food supplements to counteract a poor diet and treat the skin from within. Dr Henrich recommends a vegan diet to support a healthy skin.

It's All Good When It's All Bionome

Bionome products are only truly effective if used exclusively. What is the point of using a cream with skin friendly ingredients if your tonic and cleanser are full of chemical preservatives e.g. parabens, colorants, perfumes and other undesirable ingredients? What is the point of safe face care if you used fragranced, chemical filled body and hair products? What is the good of safe products for you if your babies, toddlers and teens are using a cocktail of ingredients that are suspect or downright dangerous? There is just no excuse if you have alternatives and Dr Baumann should be everyone's alternative. Over  400 products constitute the DR BAUMANN Skin care Lines so finding your ideal treatment combination is easy . Its a an obvious choice for a healthy beautiful skin.

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