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The Young Line - Gentle
care for a young skin 

The specifics of Bionome Skincare!

BeauCaire is of a completely different quality to other so-called “organic” cosmetics.

Some “organic” cosmetics contain certain chemical preservatives and not all natural substances are good for and compatible with the skin. We consistently capitalize on the knowledge of dermatologists and allergologists around compatibility of cosmetic ingredients and are always mindful of the ethical aspects of environmental and animal protection. The quality standards mentioned above have been conceptualized in accordance with “Bionomy” (the science of the laws of life) to create the concept of “bionome skincare”.

The quality features of BeauCaire:

  • Free from parabens and all other preservatives

  • Free from perfume

  • Free of animal-derived ingredients - vegan and animal friendly

  • Free from mineral oils

  • Without unnecessary outer packaging - environmentally friendly

  • With a shelf life of over 30 months

  • With naturally neutral aroma

  • With skin-identical and skin-related ingredients

  • With skin-friendly vitamins

  • With multilayered liposomes

  • With pure natural oil extracts 

  • Super-sensitive products containing particularly skin-compatible, breathable silicone-based oils

Not sure which product is best for you skin type?

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