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Skin is our larger organ.  When I use Dr. Baumann’s skincare products I feel like they address my skin’s needs to make it the best it can be, rather than masking or manipulating it.  There are no toxic ingredients or preservatives here. You’d be surprised how many supposedly natural skincare lines aren’t what they seem to be.  As a physician it is reassuring to read the labels and recognize many beneficial ingredients, and no harmful ones.  As a woman it is thrilling to finally find Dr.Baumann’s line of products. They make my skin look and feel amazing, healthy and beautiful.

Just try it.

Shanna Patterson, MD

One of the best business decisions I have ever made was to attend a seminar called What’s in your Jar – Skinology  What an eye opener!! I know exactly what to look for in a product that will make it healthy, safe and compatible with the skin.  In my 32 years as an aesthetician I have never seen such visible results so quickly.  My clients are equally excited and my sales continue to grow exponentially. I am truly thankful to the Dr.Baumann line – A line with true integrity.

Liz Keeso

Aesthetica Face & Body

I had struggled with acne since my teens and continued to search for solutions in my early 40’s. Within 3 weeks my skin started to change and finally heal.


I was so impressed with the results and the company’s ethical principles, science-based skincare and technologies, continued education and support that I decided to completely change the direction of my business. It was then that Point of Skin North Bay was born: an eco-friendly green spa providing only healthy, safe and non-toxic products and amazing skincare such as SkinIdent, Dr. Baumann and Beaucaire. Over the last 10 years, these products continue to help my clients to repair, rejuvenate and maintain a healthy and youthful complexion.

Carol Landry

Owner, Point of Skin

I have been using Dr. Baumann for over 3 years, and there is nothing that works as well on my skin. I have combination skin - oily and dry, and have struggled to find a good cleanser and moisturizer that wouldn't leave my skin feeling greasy or dry it right out, and I found that in my Dr. Baumann products. I've tried other things in the past and my skin immediately looked duller and felt dried out from chemicals. With Dr. Baumann, my skin looks healthy, feels hydrated, my pores have gotten smaller, and I've even managed to get rid of sun damage from skiing that I got over 13 years ago. I recommend this product to all of my patients and friends, and I have yet to have someone return unhappy with the results.

Dr. Andra Campitelli, ND

Pour ma clientèle et personnellement, j’utilise les produits Dr.Baumann depuis 6 ans. J’ADORE!!! Pourquoi? - Les résultats, la différence, les effets visuels sur la peau quand je fini un soin, les compliments reçus de l’éclat de ma peau et La fidélité de la clientèle.


J’ai très confiance dans la qualité des produits avec leurs ingrédients de qualités, actifs et également sans parfum.




Vous serez grandement satisfait et heureux de travailler avec la gamme!

Judith Lalonde

Esthetique Electrolyse, Excellence

Spa Owner

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