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Ageless-Time to rethink your an-ageing strategy.

We mentioned genetic ageing and the constant maintaining of Homeostasis meaning

maintaining the balance of the body and skin from the inside and protecting and

rebalancing it from external elements. That is in fact the core of any anti-ageing


Everyone is different it is not enough to categorise people into normal

combination or oily skins. It is much more complex than that. You are all more

individual than you think with your own needs and challenges and that goes for your

skin as well.

The answer the only answer is to return your skin to perfect balance. That is

not easy because lifestyle ,stress and many other issues work against this balance

and of course anyone who treats their skin with products and ingredients that either

do not help to build strengthen and improve the skin but actually damage it will

definitely have problems with the skin and premature ageing is one of the


All the Dr Baumann products are anti-aging from the minute you apply them to

your skin (and stop using other products.) From the cleansers to the masks to the

liposomes to the creams and ampoules they all in combination will have a

positive anti-ageing effect on the skin. Firstly, because THEY DO NO

HARM meaning instead of working against the health of the skin they work towards

the health of the skin and that means the achievement of a problem free and

youthful skin.

What is the big secret of anti-aging ? It’s supplying the skin at every level from the

sebum layer to the stratum corneum, the entire epidermis right down to the basal

layer with exactly the nutrients or raw materials that the skin needs in order to build

repair and protect itself.Imagine that your skin is a factory creating new cells stimulating metabolic processes that are needed for the skin to function. Metabolic activities to take place for example to build collagen, create ceramides etc.

What if you could influence the health of the cells created at the basal layer and

provide those cells with the nutrients they need, and the energy needed for those

cells to function at their best and at the same time protect those cells and repair

them on their upward journey through the epidermis. That is the job primarily of

the Dr Baumann Multi-layer liposomes topped up with the prescribed ampoules.

Liposomes – Dynamic Activators

Multi-Layer Liposomes could be called dynamic activators because they are

the transporters that not only supply every layer of the skin with essential nutrients

but are able to reach the basal layer where new cells are produced and influence

the activities and health of the skin right there.

Please remember there is no point in just treating the surface of the skin. Creams

cannot penetrate further than the sebum layer however some of the oils in the

cream will penetrate into the upper layer of the stratum corneum.

What about the rest of the skin ?

Well, that definitely requires the actions of the Multi-layer liposomes. Until

today they are still considered the most effective and efficient way of transporting

nutrients into the skin.

Specific ingredients carry out specific actions e.g., Lactic acid vitamin C hyaluronic

acid are responsible for the creation of collagen. Niacin VitaB3 is responsible for

many things but is directly responsible for activating cell processes. So, if you

transport the correct nutrients to the basal layer you will start to restore a youthful

appearance or prevent premature ageing.

The surface of the Epidermis will be protected by a healthy sebum layer composed

of skin identical or skin compatible elements. The stratum corneum will be repaired

and maintained by adding ceramides to the skin via Liposomes. The rest of the

epidermis will be nourished by essential raw materials that will build repair and

protect the skin at every level.

This is the only way to achieve both short and long term results when we

consider how to deal with the ageing process.

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