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I guess I’m going to assess ampoules “stir the pot “a bit and revisit the many claims about their functions. Perhaps I should tell you how and why we at Dr Baumann Cosmetics advocate the use of our ampoules.


What is or should be one of our main objectives?  It is necessary to constantly monitor our skin to maintain the skin's balance or homeostasis, which by the way is always out of balance and needs to be rectified on a daily basis.


It’s more complicated than skin types and skin conditions: it is necessary to analyse and treat you, the individual, taking into account your health, lifestyle, nutrition and stress levels. These aspects make you unique and therefore the way your skin behaves is endemic to you and must be treated as such.


Most people have more than one skin issue that they need to treat so, enter the Dr Baumann ampoules. Let's be clear ampoules, serums, lotions and potions cannot penetrate deep into the epidermis where they are needed. At best they stay on the surface of the skin and possibly some content (oil based) may be absorbed into the upper stratum corneum (ceramide layers). If the ampoule or serum is water based it is going nowhere because it cannot pass through the mostly oily protective stratum corneum.

So as mentioned in previous articles if we want to transport any valuable content deep into the epidermis right down to the basal layer, we need a transporter. The best-proven transporters are liposomes and nanosomes that are capable of transporting both oily and water based essential nutrients into the skin. Dr Baumann skincare has up to 12-layer liposomes enabling them to reach, treat, feed and protect the entire epidermis including the basal layer where new cells are produced.

Ok, back to the ampoules. The only way to transport essential ampoules throughout the epidermis is by using the Dr Bauman Multilayer liposomes as transporters.  That would actually apply to any ampoules  

Our Dr Baumann ampoules are used to strengthen or reinforce one specific skin condition or be used to treat more than one condition. For example, if we want to treat hyperpigmentation as the main concern, we would use the Multilayer liposome E&C as an environmental damage “treater” and skin lightener and to accelerate the treatment we would recommend one or two additional ampoules to treat hyperpigmentation. To enforce the required effect, the prescribed ampoules would be the Niacin Ampoule or Glucosamine Ampoule. Both for a more rapid effect.

If for example, we were treating extreme dehydration and couperose we would use the Horse Chestnut Ampoule to deal with the couperose condition and the Humidity ampoule containing Hyaluronic Acid and Urea to rehydrate the skin. Again, these highly active ampoules would need to be transported throughout the epidermis with the recommended Multilayer Liposome.

Things in nature and by this, I include our bodies and skins are constantly influenced by external (environmental) and internal issue like nutrition.

So, we need to work with nature and respond to the nature of our skin.


CERAMIDE  (Bio-ceramide ampoule)

Despite comprehensive skincare, the skin can appear flaky and rough when the lipids in the horny layer are displaced due to ageing, environmental influences etc., impairing the skin’s barrier function. The affected intercellular substance in the surface layer is comprised of ceramides and other lipids. The CERAMIDE ampoule work effectively against rough and flaky skin. They are suitable as a treatment for neurodermitis and psoriasis.

7 ml ampoule   Art.-No. 1050


HYALURON  (Bio-Hyaluronic acid ampoule)

These ampoules contain the same active substances as the moisture ampoules, but in different concentrations. The high percentage of hyaluronic acid has an intense moisture-dispensing and tightening effect which makes these ampoules ideal for loss of elasticity and dry skin.

7 ml ampoule   Art.-No. 1054


These ampoules contain 100% pure evening primrose oil with a naturally high content of gamma-linoleic acids. These ampoules are especially recommended for the treatment of dry, rough and flaky skin. For damaged, chapped skin, evening primrose oil is a product which does not burn and which is often used on its own. In these circumstances it is advisable to treat the skin first only with EVENING PRIMROSE OIL ampoule and eventually in combination with the CERAMIDE ampoule, and then to progress to a complete skincare regime with liposomes and moisturizer. Evening primrose oil can also be taken orally to provide the body with gamma-linoic acids. A drop 2 to 3 times per day is adequate.

7 ml ampoule   Art.-No. 1057



The calming and soothing effect of aloe vera gel, together with hyaluronic acids and urea, is superb for stressed and irritated skin.


7 ml ampoule   Art.-No. 1044



The active ingredients in these ampoules are lecithin and vitamin C. Very well suited to irritated, reddened skin e.g. after skin peels, to regenerate the skin’s lipid barrier.

7 ml ampoule   Art.-No. 1056


VITAMIN E AMPOULE  (natural Vitamin E distributed in hyaluronic acid gel)


These ampoules should always be applied to the delicate skin of the face and throat before sun bathing and using a sun bed. The addition of panthenol and urea makes these ampoules suitable for mature skin and skin types which are prone to pigmentation and sun allergies.


7 ml ampoule   Art.-No. 1046

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