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No Parabens, No Mineral Oils, No Perfumes, No Fragrances

Select from any of the 3 skin care lines Dr. Baumann Cosmetics Canada has to offer.

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Using nature as our inspiration, our original line of Bionome skincare products contains multi-layer liposomes with the same composition as human skin cells. Liposomes allow the essential ingredients required by the skin to penetrate to the lower levels of the epidermis. Providing your skin with substances it already produces makes for naturally beautiful and healthy skin, without the use of chemical preservatives, perfumes and fragrances or mineral oils.

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The first and only skin care line that is made exclusively from skin-identical ingredients and vitamins naturally found in the skin. By creating a protective layer, these products are moisturizing and gentle – perfect for daily skin health.

BeauCaire Logo 140px.png

Clean and effortless, this line is created with simple packaging and ingredients for the finest in eco-friendly, skin-friendly and certified organic cosmetics. At a more inclusive price range, this line comes with the same quality guarantees as all Dr. Baumann products.

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