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Updated: Apr 1

Teenage spots can ravage not only your appearance but your self confidence and can result in serous emotional issues with lasting effects.

It's a nightmare and so often just as one wants to look great for a specific occasion one experiences a dreaded breakout.

Simply put, if your acne breakouts are frequent then you can say you have acne-prone skin. This isn't your regular pimple outbreak which happens occasionally, but a frequent occurrence that leaves your skin with acne and sometimes results in inflamed irritated skin and scarring.

Acne prone skin can be a long term condition that can take months or years to get rid of or simply keep manageable.By the way it is not just a teenage issue, adults suffer from this as well.

Some of the biggest reasons for acne prone skin are bacteria on the surface of the skin that goes into the hair follicles excessive sebum production and hormonal imbalances. Stress is also a biggie Ingredients in skincare that block the healthy pore function and disturb the balance of the skins protective layer can also result in this condition.

It's Not only an oily skin issue people with dry skin experience breakouts as well as a result of dirt, pollution and a poor skincare routine.

What To Do

  • In general cleansers must be mild. Cleansing with a cleanser is a morning and night routine. A quick splash off with water in the morning just won't do it. All the pollution from the skins activity at night will remain on the skin and will be a source of problems.

  • Never use harsh scrubs because the infection can spread also the skin is already irritated enough.

  • Don't attempt to squeeze.

  • Stay hydrated

  • Keep makeup brushes and pillow cases clean

  • Choose products that are as comfortable for the skin as possible and that do not block the pores.

Dr Baumann Bionome Skincare is perfect for the treatment and managing of acne conditions.

How Can Dr Baumann Bionome products save the day?

All the products are a combination of skin identical and skin compatible Ingredients, to ensure a harmonious interaction with the skin. Every individual skin has specific needs and must be treated in a specific way and Dr Baumann Bionome skincare answers those needs perfectly.

Be Consistent

Cleanse with the Dr Baumann Cleansing Gel A mild cleanser which contains very gentle cleansing substances. For anyone who prefers a foaming cleanser or wants to gently rebalance the skins oil production.

Apply a Dr Baumann Active Care a Multilayer Liposome with Tea tree for milder forms of Acne.

For more serious cases apply the Dr Baumann Tea Tree Manuka and Lavender. (All the liposomes have an intensely hydrating effect throughout the epidermis)

To enhance the treatment apply the Dr Baumann Herb Vital Ampoule to soothe and disinfect or apply the Dr Baumann Baumann Niacin Ampoule to control excessive sebum, treat irritation and prevent acne scars from forming

Dr Baumann SilverCream containing micro-silver is essential for inflammatory skin conditions and acne. The antimicrobial silver ions are continuously released in order to regiment the acne.

Dr Baumann Oil Free SPF 25 free of oil and emulsifier, is perfectly suitable for particularly delicate skin prone to sun allergies and acne.

Dr Baumann Cream Mask (oily and impure skin)

Valuable ingredients give this mask its powerful soothing and cleansing effect.It removes excess sebum, dead skin cells and has an oil-absorbing effect.

All these products are your journey to a healthy blemish free skin

Wishing you problem free skin

Your Dr Baumann Team

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