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Its actually a matter of Homeostasis

Im this article we will cover the difference between hydrating and moisturising your skin with the emphasis on hydrating the skin. Now in order to support and protect an ever challenged sebum layer we also have to ensure the presence of healthy and sufficient sebum(natural oils) at all times. We know that our skin content and balance is challenged internally and externally every single day and that we have to supply all the nutrients essential to meet this challenge every single day.

Sebum is the main ingredient in what you might think of as your body’s natural oils.It is a complex mixture of fatty acids, waxes, and other natural chemicals produced in the sebaceous glands.It mixes with the fat molecules, called lipids, to form a protective coating on the skin’s surface.

Components of sebum help to hydrate the skin by protecting the skin from moisture loss, promote skin flexibility and as sebum is slightly acidic, with an ideal pH of between 5.5 and 5.79on the face) it helps prevent harmful bacteria and viruses, from penetrating the skin.

These components also act as a defence against atopic dermatitis and have anti inflammatory properties. Obviously Sebum production varies in response to age-related hormone fluctuations, certain medications, and lifestyle influences.

The following factors can suppress sebum production:

• Exposure to allergens or harsh chemicals

• Certain oral contraceptives, such as anti-androgens

• Prescription retinoids, such as isotretinoin (Accutane)

• Poor diet

• Pituitary gland disorders

People with under-active sebaceous glands, or too little sebum, may have dry, flaky, and itchy skin. These symptoms may worsen if a person uses skincare products containing harsh chemicals or ingredients that the skin does recognise as essential to its health and whats that word again ? Homeostasis.

Dr Baumann Creams and Multi layer liposomes contain ceramides ,essential nutrients ie fatty acids ,vitamins and humectants that guarantee the relief and rebalance of dry skin by amongst other things support a healthy sebum layer.

Why choose anything else when you can have the best?

From the Dr Baumann Team with love

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