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Change the way you age

Updated: Apr 1

Ageing is a natural progression but we can slow down signs of ageing, treat existing concerns and return to fabulous.

We start to lose these important elements in the skin that keep us looking young due to lifestyle diet toxins in skincare as well as the natural ageing process.

Collagen- holds your skin in its structure and form. As you age, the production of this element decreases dramatically resulting in a loss of elasticity and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

The loss of natural fat -causes the skin to droop or sag where it used to be firm and resilient Hyaluronic acid - a naturally occurring hydrating element maintains moisture and keeps the skin plumped up and glowing. So the skin looses its radiance.

Loss of Ceramides - They also have a hydrating protective effect on the skin and support the structure of the skin.The obvious result is dehydration , a thinner texture and lack of moisture.

Loss of Phospholipids-They are a main structural component of all our cell membranes, and intercellular substance. They are integral to skin health. Phospholipids are one of nature's most powerful humectants, meaning they can help lock in moisture, support the body's natural hydration process, promote the skin barrier function and store essential nutrients to feed and protect our cells

We need to supplement the skin with exactly the components - if you like provide “a refill”of all those elements and vitamins to revitalise strengthen and rejuvenate our skin and its structures

In short supply? Take action

Dr Baumann Bionome skincare guarantees a direct supply of all essential nutrients i.e. vitamins, fatty acids hyaluronic acid, ceramides and Multi Layer Liposomes to repair protect and maintain the skin at every level right down to where the new cells are produced.

Your ability to influence skin ageing is in your hands and of course in a perfect partnership with Dr Baumann Bionome skincare

Creams are simply not enough because they are surface protection and cannot penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Multi layer liposomes have been scientifically developed to transfer ingredients throughout the skin and, by their very nature support the structure and content of the skin.

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