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Do you know what’s in your jar and why Dr.Baumann is right for your Clients?

Our philosophy is to repair, protect, rebuild, and support the normal healthy functioning of the skin at all levels.


Backed by scientific research, many if not most skincare lines contain ingredients that are potentially damaging to the skin. To be effective and safe all the skincare products should be:


Free of Chemical Preservatives

Free of Fragrances

Free of Parabens

Free of Perfumes

Free of Oxygen

Free of Mineral Oils

Free of Chemical Dyes

Free of Animal Substances


If your cosmetics are potentially damaging to your skin you need to change to Dr Baumann Cosmetics, a Leading-Edge Skincare Line Manufactured in Germany.


Research and Background

For over 25 years the directors, Dr. Thomas Baumann and dermatologist and naturopath Dr. Ernst W. Henrich, have been pursuing their goal of developing bionome skincare products in a class of their own. From the start they
worked according to a tried and tested concept:  the dermatologist and naturopath provided knowledge on what is best for the skin and the cosmetic chemist used these guidelines in his laboratory to develop compatible products.


The outcome was the leading-edge DR. BAUMANN and cosmetics products available today. The crowning achievement of this research is the Skinldent and
Dr. Baumann line, which is comprised exclusively of
Skin-endemic ingredients and vitamins, so that the best possible compatibility and effectiveness is achieved.

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The Paradigm of the Skin

With DR. BAUMANN products you treat your skin with exactly the same substances which are found there naturally. Simply put, you are caring for your skin with "skin". Can there be anything more natural for the skin?  An important requirement is that Dr. Baumann products do not contain parabens, chemical preservatives or perfume.


Most Skincare lines have generally good ingredients; vitamins and fatty acids that are a highly effective for the sebum layer to protect against environmental damage, oxidation, and anti-free radicals etc. These provide an excellent protection to the surface of the skin. These skincare lines provide and focus primarily on nourishment at the surface of the skin. Dr. Baumann has a perfect sebum layer protection containing every element of vitamin, fatty acid, hyaluronic acid, urea and more, while also focusing on how extremely important to also treat the skin at the lower levels of the skin.


Why Liposomes

Liposomes are both an active substance and an excipient (transporter) of active substances. They are related to the skin and perform an important moisture dispensing function. They are therefore able to transport other skin-friendly active substances (such as vitamins E, A and provitamin B5) into the skin. Assured Effectiveness Scientific studies have shown that a twice-daily application of multilamellar liposomes can greatly boost the skin's moisture content within a short period of time. These findings have been documented in scientific publications such as "Haut und Liposome"


Dr Baumann Liposomes, specifically multi-layer (12 layers), are the most effective medically proven transporters of essential ingredients. They are body identical and body compatible and used to repair the cell membrane’s intercellular substance, replace damaged phospholipids through and down to the epidermis.  Most skincare lines do not appear to be using liposome technology or any other major transporter for the ingredients to penetrate the skin.

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More Great Reasons to becoming a Dr. Baumann partner


• No minimum opening orders nor minimum repeat orders

• Potential of buying out other existing skincare lines

• Full marketing support in the forms of materials, advertising training and more

• Free delivery for orders over $150

• Easy and helpful return policy of products

• Free carrier bags and samples with orders of regular product over $150.

• Delivery no more than 24hrs after receipt of orders.

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