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What is a Liposome and why is it so important?

Liposomes are gaining more and more popularity in our skincare products. We are seeing them pop up everywhere. But what is a Liposome and why should I be looking for it in my skincare products. Let’s take a look at what a Liposome is, how science is using them, and most importantly what are the benefits of using skincare products that contain them.

What is a Liposome?

A liposome refers to tiny vesicles (or bubbles) that are made from material that the cell membranes are made of. Liposomes are employed as effective drug carriers and different materials like nucleotides, anti-bodies, enzymes, proteins, toxins, and drugs can be encapsulated in liposomes.

The Science behind why Liposomes are so Important

Liposomes are becoming important due to vast array of applications they have. Their topical application opens up large possibilities in the realm of dermatology and for delivering anti-cancer agents. Such topical application helps in reducing a drug’s toxic effects when it is given alone. In addition, it improves effectiveness as well as circulation of the drug.

Similarly, liposomes can be utilized for targeting precise cells through the process of attachment of amino acid fragments like proteins or antibodies, that are able to target particular receptor sites. Few of the promising applications of liposomes include improving performance of gene therapy and development of DNA vaccination.

How Liposomes are used in Cosmetics

In Cosmetics using these Liposomes as the delivery system to carry the active ingredients in our products allows them to blend into our skin seamlessly, penetrate deeper into the layers of the epidermis (skin), and enhances the penetration.

The Lipids used in the Liposome contain moisture. As this vessel ruptures, the moisture adheres to the skins surface and provides hydration. Not only do these Liposomes deliver moisture to the skin cells they create a barrier over the surface of the skin. This barrier is an occlusive layer adhering to the skin that seals in the moisturizers and also seals in the active ingredients Liposomes are delivering. Active ingredients can deliver nutrients directly to aging cells to improve skin hydration, texture, and reduce the signs of aging including fine line and wrinkles. Some active ingredients in our skin care products are water soluble and external factors such a sweat doesn’t give our skin enough time to fully absorb their benefits. This barrier allows active ingredients to be sealed in to enhance and deepen penetration.

Benefits of Liposomes

As we can see, Liposomes are fast becoming an excellent medium of delivery and have a very broad spectrum of application. From dermatology to cancer research the science behind Liposomes is amazing. They help to deliver, penetrate, and enhance the active ingredients in our skincare products. There are so many active ingredients that can be encapsulated in Liposomes including Vitamin E, Amino Acids, Vitamin C, and Retinol. Using products that contain Liposomes as a delivery method can help deliver, enhance the results from the active ingredients in your skin care. Check our website for all our products using Liposomes.

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