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I have regularly drawn attention to sensitivity and the domino affect. If your skin is sensitive or becomes sensitised it can often be linked to conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea hyperpigmentation and even premature ageing.

Just to add additional challenges to this complicated issue a recent major study has found that sensitive skin, in general, could be passed down from generation to generation.So start to check out your family members more carefully.

Seriously though, the research found strong associations between certain points in genomes and sensitive skin conditions making this the first official connection that sensitive skin might be something that's passed down, and not only from environmental and lifestyle conditions or product based issues.

Knowing that the sensitive skin condition could stem from genetics means it's now possible to avoid many of those triggers by building a lifestyle and skin-care regimen that would keep sensitivities on the low. Currently, many people have to literally guess every time their skin develops an inflammatory flare-up that could result in rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis or all or some of the above mentioned situations, Flare-ups can be caused by sensitivities to skin-care ingredients, drinking alcohol, eating spicy foods, the temperature in or outdoors and even the water used to wash your face and body, not to mention washing powder used to wash your sheets and pillows and clothes.

Two words caution and avoidance

Sensitive skin types must stick with a simple beauty regimen actually one must ideally avoid the type of products and chemicals that many people are currently exposing their faces to.The Dr Baumann Bionome Skincare ranges are perfect and just incase you think that favouritism plays a part here lets talk sense and choose the sensible route to strong healthy good looking skin.

If every cleanser cream ampoule mask and serum are made up of either completely skin identical or skin compatible ingredients that are in total harmony with the structure and content of your skin and indeed restores your skins balance you will be able to say goodbye to an irritated reactive skin and you your products and your skin will live happily and youthfully ever after.

Always keep in mind that sensitive skin types do very well with mineral sunscreens meaning chemical free and while we are on that subject fragrance free as well.

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