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Seasonal Skin Care – What You Need to Know

Most of us find that every time we have finalized a skincare routine, due to some reason or the other, soon enough it stops working for your skin. This happens because of changing seasons. In every season our skin needs a tailored skincare routine so that it is able to combat specific weather conditions in that season of the year. Thus, you can say that it's just not the wardrobe that experiences change, during changing seasons your skin care routine also demands a change according to the season.

For example, when we move from summer to winter, the air is drier in winter months and our skin also becomes very dry. On the other hand, in summer months oil production in skin increases. By selecting the right skincare routine as per the season we help our skin become more accustomed to weather changes that take place.

Skincare Routine for Spring

Winter dry air makes our skin dry too. In spring, when the temperature increases, getting rid of the dead cells helps to refresh and renew the skin for spring. For example, at home exfoliation is a good option to get rid of the dead cells. You can also go for treatments such as micro-dermabrasion, which helps to get rid of blackheads, uneven skin tone, and improves the overall appearance of your skin.

Summer Skin Care

Summer months can be humid and hot. Many will experience breakouts during summer months. The solution lies in using a proper cleansing routine. You should apply cleansers two times a day and moisturize after cleansing routine. Many of us are outdoors during summer months and as such, protecting the skin from sunburns, premature wrinkling, and other such problems is necessary. To prevent these problems, you will have to use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more.

Feel Fresh and Rejuvenated In Fall

In fall temperature starts to go down and you may think that applying sunscreen is not necessary. On the contrary, sunscreen should be applied all year around. You should also continue moisturizing your skin since skin it will require this additional moisture to adjust with change in humidity and temperature from the hot months.

Winter - The Holiday Season

The busy holiday season makes it difficult to follow a proper skincare routine. During winter months you should avoid hot baths and showers since it can dry out the skin which is already facing the dryness of cold weather. In addition, you should use an ultra-hydrating moisturizer. Ideally, you should apply moisturizer right after taking bath, which helps to replenish required oils and water in the skin.

Changing Seasons and The Skin Care Products

Let us now look at some of the changes you will have to make in your skin care products according to the changes in seasons.


In winter months you will require creamier cleansers to boost your dry skin. For instance, you can utilize moisturizing face wash. On the other hand, in summer months a lighter cleanser can be used which helps to get rid of excess oils and dirt.


In hotter months skin is able to retain moisture and produce higher amount of oil then what it does in winter. As such, the heavy-duty moisture should be replaced with a water-based lighter moisturizer for the summer months.


Exfoliation is a necessity in all seasons. Using a gentle exfoliator assists in getting rid of the dry skin and dead skin cells. In colder months, your aim should be to exfoliate twice every week. Using an exfoliating face scrub will play a major role in unclogging the skin pores and allow it to breathe.


In winter months you should ideally switch to creams from lotions. The thicker moisturizing creams provide a strong oily barrier, helping the skin retain hydration.

To conclude, we can say that following the right skincare routine that's most suitable for a particular season will help to maintain the radiance of your skin.

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