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Dr. Baumann was founded by two German doctors, Dr. Ernst Henrich and Dr. Thomas Baumann, who’s combined knowledge of dermatology, chemistry, naturopathy and Western medicine helped them create a full line of ultra-safe, result oriented skincare products.


Since 1990, the Dr. Baumann brand has focused on medically sound, skin compatible cosmetics formulated without allergenic ingredients that are high-quality, vegan, and cruelty-free.


Dr. Baumann Cosmetics Canada has been on the market with great success since 2008 and is now looking to grow and expand across the country.

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Our Brands

No Parabens, No Mineral Oils, No Perfumes, No Fragrances

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Using nature as our inspiration, our original line of Bionome skincare products contains multi-layer liposomes with the same composition as human skin cells. Liposomes allow the essential ingredients required by the skin to penetrate to the lower levels of the epidermis. 

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The first and only skin care line that is made exclusively from skin-identical ingredients and vitamins naturally found in the skin. By creating a protective layer, these products are moisturizing and gentle – perfect for daily skin health.

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Clean and effortless, this line is created with simple packaging and ingredients for the finest in eco-friendly, skin-friendly and certified organic cosmetics. At a more inclusive price range, this line comes with the same quality guarantees as all Dr. Baumann products.

Become a valued partner

Provide your clients with skincare containing skin-identical ingredients. Guaranteed to have no parabens, mineral oils, perfumes or fragrances, Dr. Baumann is a truly vegan product designed to keep your clients, their skin, and the planet safe and healthy.


As a Dr. Baumann partner, you will receive exclusive skincare tips and ingredient information from the industry’s leading experts to share with your clients. Additionally, we will teach you how to develop a successful brand and grow your business’s sales and customer base.


As a spa we do not require minimum opening or replenishment orders. Orders for partners wishing to become distributors can be negotiated with Dr. Baumann Canada.


As a spa partner you will have access to the finest eco-friendly and skin-friendly products available to provide your clients with visible results, and the skills to use and sell them.


Dr. Baumann Cosmetics Canada offers more than just a great product - we are your partners for success whether as a spa or distributor looking to grow your business across Canada.


We guarantee the products we sell will deliver our promised results.

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Skin is our largest organ. When I use Dr. Baumann’s skincare products I feel like they address my skin’s needs to make it the best it can be, rather than masking or manipulating it.  There are no toxic ingredients or preservatives here. You’d be surprised how many supposedly natural skincare lines aren’t what they seem to be.  As a physician it is reassuring to read the labels and recognize many beneficial ingredients, and no harmful ones.  As a woman it is thrilling to finally find Dr. Baumann’s line of products. They make my skin look and feel amazing, healthy and beautiful. Just try it.

Shanna Patterson, MD

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